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Studying Hacks You Need to Know About This Semester

A schedule that goes something like lecture, library, lecture, library requires a LOT of brain power. It also means battling many an annoying peer, see: the girl who types exclusively with the tips of her acrylic nails, the guy who scrolls Facebook so many times you’ve memorized his newsfeed and anyone who doesn’t turn their phone sound off prior to class (this should honestly be illegal). Read up on our tips and tricks and you’ll stay focused on your road to a 4.0—or something pretty close

Eugenie Bouchard on Makeup, Game Day Rituals and Crazy Fans

Eugenie Bouchard, or Genie as she introduces herself, has been the frontrunner for Canada’s Darling ever since the Grand Slam singles finals at Wimbledon in 2014. Besides honing her killer tennis game, she loves online shopping, Italian food and Insta-ing the sh*t out of her life. That means she’s just like us, right? Not quite—at only 22, Genie is the 40th best tennis player in the world, and she has a global following

5 Must-Listen Podcasts for Your Summer Roadtrip

It’s a radio renaissance, people! AKA the best time for anyone who is great at listening. You can fill your headphones full of whatever you want—from poignant and personal storytelling (eg. Modern Love, based on the New York Times’ weekly reader-submitted essays) to the funny and feminist—hat-tip to Crimson Wave hosted by Toronto besties and comedians Natalie Norman and Jess Beaulieu. Here are our 5 fave podcasts sure to keep you occupied, interested and amused as you zoom off to the nearest bea

Meet the Babe Behind Big Gal Yoga

Ever worry about how you look during pigeon pose? Start following Valerie Sagun—the founder of Big Gal Yoga (@biggalyoga)—and tell your inner body shamer to shut the front door. The 28-year old California-based yoga practitioner and artist is one of the first body-positive yogis to document her practice on Instagram; she currently has more than 139,000 followers thanks to her fierce posing, killer workout ensembles and inspirational #realtalk

OINTB’s Samira Wiley on Boobs, Bartending and Her Next Big Role

Poussey and her gorgeous grin won the hearts of anyone who watched Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black, snagging a spot as fan-fave throughout her escapades with BFF and comrade Taystee (a.k.a. Tasha Jefferson, played by Danielle Brooks) and a budding, touching romance with Brooke. In the recently-dropped and much-acclaimed season four, Poussey’s story [<<<<>>>>] comes to a tragic end with her accidental death at the hands of hapless guard Bayley, a timely, important plotline

Dream Scenes for The Real Housewives of Toronto

Corus Entertainment has confirmed the launch of The Real Housewives of Toronto, set to premiere in winter 2017 and it’s a good thing too—we’ve been itching to see some more True North Housewives ever since the Van City edition was cancelled, reportedly due to unprecedented levels of mean (for Canadians, anyway). In the meantime, we’re imagining the scenes, and the characters, we hope to see in the first season. Producers, take note!

McGill community addresses gentrification in QI project

The potential gentrification of a Montreal neighbourhood as a result of the Quartier de L’Innovation (QI) development project was the topic of a discussion group held by McGill’s Social Equity and Diversity Education (SEDE) Office last Friday. The event was part of SEDE’s second annual Community Engagement Day (CED)—a day of discussions, speaker events, and activities aiming to bridge the gap between the university and the surrounding community.

Broke-Ass, But High Class: The Dilemma Every 20-Something Experiences

We are the generation that no one seems to really understand. Our parents were blessed with a really simple idea: graduate from college and then get a job. They were not worried about what kind of degree, or how many degrees they could list on their resume; as long as you were “qualified,” you were good to go for life. The modern reality is that the definition of “qualified” is now virtually unknown, and finding your place in the real world takes a lot of hard work and sheer luck.

10 Vital Pieces Of Advice Every 20-Something Needs To Live By

Before we can be the successful President and CEO of [insert name of huge, international company here], we have a lot of work to do and a lot of mistakes to make – a time also known as our twenties! There won’t only be mistakes, but also a lot of emotions and changes. It’s an extremely exciting time in any persons life, but whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed with this newfound adulthood, remind yourself that you aren’t alone. No one really knows what they’re doing.
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